Automotive Supplier Excellence Australia (ASEA) was formed to assist the automotive supply chain to be world class competitive. ASEA is part of Excellerate Australia.

ASEA uses approved and certified highly skilled local training and coaching providers who can deliver successful outcomes for projects that are specifically  targeted to satisfying the needs of Australian automotive supply chain companies.

ASEA has a range of products that meet the need of our client companies, they include:

  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Lean Enterprise
  • Supply Chain management
  • Leadership and Management
  • Financial Systems and Practices
  • Global Sourcing Strategies
  • Excellence in Energy Efficiency
  • Waste Management

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People and performance

If you are an Automotive supply chain company in South Australia, and would like ASEA support contact:

Peter Cesco,  ASEA Client Manager for South Australia on 0422 006 111 or


The main South Australian program currently being supported by ASEA is the "Evolving Innovation" Diversification program.

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