Would some of this training work for you, your staff, your leadership team?

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Look through these units, will any of them help your business?

BSBINN301A Promote innovation in a team environment
BSBINN401A Establish effective workplace relationships
BSBMGT401A Show Leadership in the workplace
BSBMGT402A Implement operational plans
BSBOHS407A Monitor a safe workplace
BSBWOR401A Establish effective workplace relationships
BSBWOR402A Promote team effectiveness
BSBWOR404A Develop work priorities
FDFBP2003A Operate the carton packing process
FDFBP2005A Operate the electronic coding process
FDFBP2008A Perform packaging equipment changeover
FDFBP2011A Operate the palletising process
FDFBP3002A Operate the labelling process
FDFOP2011A Conduct routine maintenance
FDFOP2030A Operate a process control interface
FDFOP3002A Set up a production or packaging line for operation
FDFOP3004A Operate interrelated processes in a packaging system
FDFPPL3001A Participate in improvement processes
FDFTEC4008A Apply principles of food packaging
MSACMC210A Manage the impact of change on own work
MSACMC410A Lead change in a manufacturing   environment
MSACMC411A Lead a competitive manufacturing team
MSACMS200A Apply Competitive Manufacturing Practices
MSACMS400A Implement a Competitive Manufacturing System
MSACMS401A Ensure process improvements are   sustained
MSACMT220A Apply Quick Changeover procedures
MSACMT220A Apply Quick Changeover procedures
MSACMT221A Apply JIT procedures
MSACMT230A Apply cost factors to work practices
MSACMT240A Apply 5S procedures in a manufacturing environment
MSACMT251A Apply Quality standards
MSACMT280A Undertake root cause analysis
MSACMT440A Lead 5S in a manufacturing environment
MSACMT441A Facilitate continuous improvement in manufacturing
MSACMT451A Mistake proof a production process
MSACMT452A Apply statistics to process   manufacturing
MSAENV272A Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices
MSS402002A Sustain process improvements
PMASUP390A & (B) Use structured problem solving tools

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